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Donald J. Trump : Breaking with Past Orthodoxies


Donald J. Trump will be the first US president never to have held elected office or served in the military. He ran virtually as a third party candidate, not fully supported by the Republican establishment. The feisty billionaire spoke his mind- throwing political correctness to the winds. Many Americans found his direct style of communication as well as policy prescriptions put simply, refreshing. Once in the race, he was single- mindedly went about to win the White House. Help came from unexpected quarters – his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton now blames her defeat to Russian meddling in the election and FBI Director James Comey’s putting his thumb on the scale.

As President-elect too, Trump has been unconventional – in his cabinet picks, or political stands, frustrating people on the left and right. President Obama voiced the hope which many Americans too must be feeling that Trump is not ideological, and his pragmatism may lead him to formulate pol-
icies and take decisions which will be in the best interests of America, if not the world.On foreign policy, his call with the president of Taiwan indicated a new tack that USA can follow with China. Trumps supports Vladimir Putin who is helping the Assad regime fight rebels and ISIS in Syria,the regime that is also supported by Iran, and yet he denounces the Iran-US deal. But then politics is the art of managing contradictions.Trump has also accommodated  or tried to his critics and those in the ri-val party. He almost gave the Secretary of State job to Mitt Romney, and has announced Nikki Haley as ambassador to the UN.

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