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Stars of New York City Ballet, Indian Kathak Dance, and Chinese Kunqu Opera Share Stage


Renowned former ballerina Wendy Whelan, explosive dy-namo Indian Kathak dancer Parul Shah, and effervescent Kunqu opera star Qian Yi came together on stage in New York last month to explore the connec-tions of their performing arts forms. The program took place as part of Asia Society’s annual View points series, which highlights new ideas in the creative world.

Each of the three performers represented a rich classical tra-dition. Ballet is the quintessential years.

For the program, the three performers each gave demon-strations of their respective forms, including two presentations of exquisite footage featuring Qian and Whelan in Slow Dancing, a video installation by photogra-pher and videographer David Michalek. The demonstration fi-nale included all three perform-ers on stage together.

Viewpoints: Classical Con-nections explored aesthetic beauty, the female form, and in-art to redefine dance. For those who might have wondered how their dance forms could ever be related, it became clear in their strict classicism, rigorous tech-nique and aesthetic language.

The program was followed by a patron dinner, where the con-versations continued. Attendees included choreographer Shen Wei, dancer Rajika Puri, and American Dance Festival Founder (and 1960 curator of performing arts at Asia Society) Charles Reinhardt, capping off an